Intelligent Warehouse Robot Solution Provider

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IWS Intelligent Warehouse System

Smart Wireless Communication Network iWCN

Intelligent Picking  Station iPS

Intelligent warehouse robot iWR

Warehouse Management

System WMS
(Warehouse operator)

 Intelligent Robot

Management System iRMS

Intelligent Charging Station iCS

Intelligent Warehouse Robot iWR

The use of advanced components and machine industrial design, the appearance of smart, Force carry heavy

Using machine vision and high-precision sensor data fusion, to achieveSub-cm robot precise positioning and navigation

Using PID, fuzzy control and other hybrid control algorithm, to achieve machine
Robustness of human motion control

Adopt self-learning, adaptive artificial intelligence of own intellectual property Algorithm, reduce the difficulty of project deployment

Support scheduling management, obstacle detection, collision detection, emergency Brake and other multi-level safety protection

Support independent lifting of the shelf, handling, rotation, placement

Using industrial grade devices, electrical modules, mechanical and electrical structure, to achieve 7 * 24 hours continuous and reliable work

Support autonomous fault detection report, fault strategy management function,Support intelligent power management, with the management system to achieve autonomyCharging optimal strategy

Utilize intelligent wireless communication network and management system to accomplish communication Be able to achieve seamless switching roaming, to ensure the robot's real-time control System and status reporting

Intelligent Picking Workstation iPS

Interact well with iWR, iRMS to ensure order fulfillment efficiency and accuracy

Ability to interact with iRMS in real time, receive order tasks, and report order fulfillment

Good man-machine interface design, easy  to operate, improve the sorting efficiency

Intelligent Robot Management System iRMS

Can realize the robot self-charge management, fault management and wireless communication network management and other functions to ensure the system is stable and reliable operation.

Using its own intellectual property rights of seven intelligent scheduling algorithm (intelligent transfer  Degree, task distribution, optimal path planning, etc.) to achieve hundreds of robots cluster work together

Flexible adaptation of the customer's WMS, ERP, MES and other systems, none
Butt, smooth upgrade

Provide a good man-machine interface, easy to operate, convenient and easy Operator real-time monitoring and rapid completion of system configuration management

Picking orders can be automatically converted to robot mission instructions, dispatch the robot to complete the "goods to people" sorting task or the goods in the library  Automatic handling tasks.

Server system and wireless communication network using "1 + 1" hot backup redundant architecture to achieve real-time fault switching, to ensure that the system is shipped Line and data security.

Big data analytics, based on business order availability The main optimization of storage layout, improve warehouse utilization and production efficiency.

Smart Wireless Communication Network iWCN

Using unique engineering deployment and seamless roaming, in the case of storage or factory environment changes every moment, adaptive wireless network automatically adjusts at any time, in order to ensure the reliability of communications for the robot any place in a warehouse or factory.

Partner with the world's leading wireless communications companies and adopt private ownership agreement customized for the logistics and warehousing and intelligent factory, and those add up to a dedicated robot intelligent wireless communication network

Adopt industrial-grade AC, AP and client, realize "1 + 1" Or "1 + n" redundant backup, to ensure the safety of wireless communications reliable

Intelligent Charging Station iCS


The whole machine with a charger is easy to use, light weight, small size, charging stability, high efficiency

Cooperate with iWR and iRMS to complete the robot automatic charging function

Industrial design, with over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current real-time monitoring and protection functions to achieve safe and reliable charging operations.

Can work with iWCN and iRMS to complete the intelligent charging policy management functions

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