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Mechanical Structure Manager

Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for the overall program design of robot products, mechanical systems and components design;
2, responsible for robot product design, structural design, prototype processing and verification, product mold and mass production;
3, Responsible for the specific mechanical system and parts design in the project, fulfill the requirements of functional performance and quality standards;
4, responsible for the development of mechanical components processing technology, assembly and commissioning process, test standards and other product standards;
5, Responsible for the processing of mechanical components, assembly and commissioning tracking, to solve the related technical problems;
6, To assist the purchasing department to determine the selection of specific parts and components, and examine the processing cost of spare parts;
7, with the electrical design, to achieve mechanical and electrical integration design;
8, responsible for the department's team building and management.
job requirements:
1,985,211 Bachelor degree or above, mechanical design and automation, mechatronics
2 years experience in mechanical design work for more than 8 years, management positions for more than 3 years;
3, familiar with mechanical design, mechanical drawing and other national standards and mechanical principles, electrical and mechanical principles and other related professional knowledge;
4, familiar with machinery, conventional materials processing technology; familiar with sheet metal structure design;
5, skilled use of Pro / E, AutoCAD and other software
6, technical management experience is preferred.
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